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Forage connects buyers with sellers.

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Connecting Buyers with Sellers

Buyers have immediate requirements. Sellers have surplus inventory. Forage simply puts them in contact to move valuable inventory where it needs to be.

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Sellers have parts

Forage is an alternative to scrapping dead inventory. Program changes, drawing revisions, order cancellations, forecasting errors and such create surplus and obsolete inventory that must be liquidated.

  • Sellers list their inventory by part number, manufacturer, and quantity.
  • Sellers respond to buyer inquiries with pricing.
  • Sellers receive credit card payment, then ship parts via UPS or FedEx.

Buyers need parts

Forage works for OEM's and CEM's to keep projects on time and at cost. Avoid delays due to long lead-times and high costs from brokers.

  • Buyers search for the part they need.
  • Buyers request quote for the quantity they need.
  • Buyers purchase parts with secure credit card processing, provide shipping information.

Buy and Sell With Confidence

Eliminate brokers; eliminate hassle.

Brokers don't exist to help you eliminate surplus or sell parts at cost. They are looking to make a profit from your inventory and exploit shortages. Forage has a single motivation to simply help buyers and sellers. We developed this tool to provide a forum to buy and sell parts without any hassle, without endless emails and calls from commissioned salespeople, without added expense.

Your company and transaction is safe with us.

All transactions are private and the process is streamlined to allow Buyers and Sellers to conduct low profile business that expedites the goal of moving parts where they need to go. Your credit card transaction is seamless and secure. The complete payment transaction is controlled by trusted technology so no sensitive data hits our servers and meets PCI-DSS requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Forage cost?

Forage takes 5% of every sale for server costs and transaction fees.

Does Forage hold my inventory?

No, the seller is 100% responsible for holding and shipping their inventory to the buyer.

How do I get paid?

Forage uses a third party application called Stripe to handle all payments through the website. By using this trusted company, Forage never stores any bank account or credit card information.